Thursday, 24 November 2011

My new Friend

God's present to me. Thank you God.

                   God's gift to me for losing my beloved best friend, Pesky. 
                             My dog, pesky, gave birth to 4 lovely puppies on the ninth of October, 3 of which has already been adopted. Sadly, I lost her on Sunday the 13 of November. They are now almost 7 weeks old.
                                             The loss of my precious dog whom I loved and cared for so much, is quite devastating. She was the one who I used to share my joy and sorrows. Whenever I was having a teenager crisis with my mom, she was the one I looked for(including God). I would hug her till I'd feel better. Pesky exactly knew that I would never leave her side. She was the one who would comfort me. I would talk to God with her. And you know what? She would be silent the whole time. The Whole Time. 
                             But that unhappy day, when I was leaving for church, even when I saw her laying breathless, I ignored her and went to my friend's car and left. Oh how I want to say sorry to her for that. I know she's listening. With God. So for all the times you were with me, This is for you, my special friend.
                                      My new friend is with me right now. I haven't decided his name. I would like suggestions. I'm gonna ask God the same. When God takes something for you, It's 'cuz He wants to give you something more special. I guess that's why he took my loyal pet to give me a new friend who might turn out like her.
Pesky. This is the only picture of her that I have. Unfortunately, all the others got deleted 

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