Thursday, 26 January 2012


Greyson Chance

                                             Hey It's been a while!!!! I've been running around all this holiday, it doesn't even seem like it is was holidays with our school's performance for our town's winter festival. Unfortunately, we didn't win but it was fun. i was disappointed but it happens....
                                             Anyways, You must have heard of Greyson Chance right??? Well, I just heard him a few days ago and checked on Youtube. I have fallen for him!!!! I was awestruck by him. He's very talented, he sings( I'm not that good) and he plays the piano ( I'm learning to play the piano)...He is sooo cute!! ( O.o) Haha....He's Awesome ( to me I don't know 'bout you).
                                              I was watching the music channel when his video ' Hold on till the Night' showed up. I couldn't set my eyes off the television. He was so spectacular. I mean he's 14 years old and he sounds amazing. He doesn't sound kiddish. I love the video and He is the same age as me and still he's like on another level. Wow! I could never be like that! I have a HUGE Crush on him now. 
                                              Remember we must choose the right people to guide us in our lives. They will have a big part in what you do and what you won't do. I've made mistakes in the past by choosing wrong people to guide me but I've understood and changed it. Now I want you to know who inspires me. Jesus...Yup! Him! He is the one guiding me. So don't make the mistake of choosing wrong people. Even if you do you can still change your future before it's too late. Remember No one is more important than Jesus. He is suppose to be the way. Trust Him to make the decisions for you.
                Jesus answered, " I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."        - John 14: 6
                                             So guys Have an amazing Year!!! Be prepared for a rough time through the year but just be strong enough and stand tough! You know your Father is with you and your best friend, Jesus too. Make your Father proud this year! ^_^
                                                                                                                           - With Much Love and Care
                                                                                                                              Tea. R

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Ring Those Christmas Bells

                                     Hey there! Christmas is really near....It's really late for a post but I have been having problems so didn't have a mind to write but all's better. I really love Christmas...It's great to meet up with family and relatives who you don't have time to meet. I'm gonna leave for my mother's little hometown. We live some miles away. I really can't wait 'cause all my cousins and relatives are gonna be there. We are gonna have so much fun. I know my grandma must be more excited than me. She always wants to visit her hometown. But sadly we can't take her very often; only like once in a year.
                                     Christmas is the celebration of  the day Mary gave birth to our Saviour, Jesus Christ. It's to remember how he saved us from sin. The Great love of our Father is so Amazing. He gave up His son for us( John 3:16). We remember the day He came into this World to save us. That gives me bliss to know that I am so loved by my Heavenly Father. Thank you Lord.
                                     As you see the year go by, it went by pretty fast. I'm pretty psyched for the New Year. A plan God made for me and you. I'm thinking of doing new things in my life. I'm even gonna bake a cake or two. Make some Dim sums if you know what it is. The thing I need right now is a bath. Yes...I'm kinda messy and shabby after I gave Twix a bath i.e a warm towel rub against his fur and drying his fur with a hair dryer...He's clean now and tired after struggling to escape my grip but unfortunately, he's taking a nap...He's gonna disturb me later....So a bath for myself before I lose my breathe again...hehe...He's very energetic and jolly so no lazy time for me...*sighs*....Anyways, this Christmas give up something for happiness. I call it "A Sacrifice for Love". That sounds silly but that's what I came up with....
                                     I can't wait for Christmas and ALL the lights....The Christmas carols, the cards and gifts filled with love, the cakes and cookies and of course, the Christmas tree. I really wish I could have a White Christmas but it doesn't snow here. How very Sad! Anyways, you guys in the midst  all the fun and games and laughter, please don't forget Our Father and Our Saviour, Jesus. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ^_^
                                                                                                                           With love,
                                                                                                                             Tea R.
Merry Christmas Everyone! God Bless! ^_^

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Ending of Examinations!

photo by me
                                                        Hey Guys!! My examinations are over and I am free! So since I have free time I will refresh my mind and make a new post. I hope you will like it. And don't forget your feed backs and suggest me topics, though I can go off topic sometimes. Hey! and that pic was clicked by me....The tree gave the scenery a finishing touch. So have fun and take care you guys! God is with you!
                                                                                                                                - Lots of Love, Tea R.
I took this when I was studying. yesterday night.

Had to give him a good night kiss :*

Friday, 25 November 2011

Make a Change

                                             I just straightened my hair and I realized It's gotten longer. I have natural wavy to curly hair, and its black. I'm kinda gettin' bored with my hair so I decided I'm gonna color it this December. So I guess you must have noticed the tie...yea, that's my school tie. Anyway, I'm gonna color it chocolate brown. Something that's not noticeable because it will be my 1st time.
                                            I don't know about you but I love giving myself some attention. Well...because it boosts my confidence. Other things that boost my confidence:
  • Praying or talking to God. He knows that you're beautiful. That helps.
  • A little bit of makeup
  • Spending some time with friends
  • Some exercise( maybe?)
  • Eating what I like and yes, I know how to control
  • Dancing around my room
  • Acting or you could say being weird in front of the mirror
  • Being loved and to love
                                           I know this is random but I just wanted to say I'm beautiful the way God made me. And you are beautiful the way God made you so smile and cheer up because God wants you live with Him eternally. He loves you so very much that he gave His only son to die for our sins. You don't need to change anything else but repent from your sins. Just call Jesus into your heart.
          "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" - John 3:16
                       Have a good time making yourself know that you are special this holiday season!
- Much Love,
Tea. R.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

My new Friend

God's present to me. Thank you God.

                   God's gift to me for losing my beloved best friend, Pesky. 
                             My dog, pesky, gave birth to 4 lovely puppies on the ninth of October, 3 of which has already been adopted. Sadly, I lost her on Sunday the 13 of November. They are now almost 7 weeks old.
                                             The loss of my precious dog whom I loved and cared for so much, is quite devastating. She was the one who I used to share my joy and sorrows. Whenever I was having a teenager crisis with my mom, she was the one I looked for(including God). I would hug her till I'd feel better. Pesky exactly knew that I would never leave her side. She was the one who would comfort me. I would talk to God with her. And you know what? She would be silent the whole time. The Whole Time. 
                             But that unhappy day, when I was leaving for church, even when I saw her laying breathless, I ignored her and went to my friend's car and left. Oh how I want to say sorry to her for that. I know she's listening. With God. So for all the times you were with me, This is for you, my special friend.
                                      My new friend is with me right now. I haven't decided his name. I would like suggestions. I'm gonna ask God the same. When God takes something for you, It's 'cuz He wants to give you something more special. I guess that's why he took my loyal pet to give me a new friend who might turn out like her.
Pesky. This is the only picture of her that I have. Unfortunately, all the others got deleted 

Friday, 28 October 2011

Sharing what's yours...

So my first post will be on sharing and giving. Sharing is using a single resource with a one person or group. Everyone knows the proverb 'Sharing is Caring', It's means that when you share it makes the person see the wonderful side of you. The God's Image of you.
                                 I know everyone shares but does sharing only mean that you're a good person? According to everyone, sharing means joint usage of an item. But, it something more than that. When you give just a small bit of your sandwich to a puppy, doesn't a smile appear on your face to see the puppy swallow it all up? well I do. So the next time you go shopping, give your old clothes to someone who needs it the most.You will love the feeling...
                                Here are some good sharing and giving tips:
1. Give a hug to someone who's in a lot of stress.
2. Share your lunch with someone who can't afford to eat even a meal .
3. Give your old cosy blanket to someone whose not able to protect him/her self from the cold. You could win hearts.
4. You have never really lived until you've done something for somebody who can never repay you. So, start giving whats yours Sparklers!
5. Don't give only when someone asks you.Your just waiting too long.Give without limits.
6. The best thing you can give is a chance.
7. You can make a living by what you get, but you can make a life by what you give.
8. A gift, even though it's small, is welcome.
9.No man was ever honored for what he received. Honor is the reward for what he gave.
10.You can give without loving, but you can't love without giving.
                                 You can start right now and be God's blessing.
Some credit goes to the Project Inspired site by Nicole. Check it out:
 - Lots of Love,
Tea. R.