Thursday, 26 January 2012


Greyson Chance

                                             Hey It's been a while!!!! I've been running around all this holiday, it doesn't even seem like it is was holidays with our school's performance for our town's winter festival. Unfortunately, we didn't win but it was fun. i was disappointed but it happens....
                                             Anyways, You must have heard of Greyson Chance right??? Well, I just heard him a few days ago and checked on Youtube. I have fallen for him!!!! I was awestruck by him. He's very talented, he sings( I'm not that good) and he plays the piano ( I'm learning to play the piano)...He is sooo cute!! ( O.o) Haha....He's Awesome ( to me I don't know 'bout you).
                                              I was watching the music channel when his video ' Hold on till the Night' showed up. I couldn't set my eyes off the television. He was so spectacular. I mean he's 14 years old and he sounds amazing. He doesn't sound kiddish. I love the video and He is the same age as me and still he's like on another level. Wow! I could never be like that! I have a HUGE Crush on him now. 
                                              Remember we must choose the right people to guide us in our lives. They will have a big part in what you do and what you won't do. I've made mistakes in the past by choosing wrong people to guide me but I've understood and changed it. Now I want you to know who inspires me. Jesus...Yup! Him! He is the one guiding me. So don't make the mistake of choosing wrong people. Even if you do you can still change your future before it's too late. Remember No one is more important than Jesus. He is suppose to be the way. Trust Him to make the decisions for you.
                Jesus answered, " I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."        - John 14: 6
                                             So guys Have an amazing Year!!! Be prepared for a rough time through the year but just be strong enough and stand tough! You know your Father is with you and your best friend, Jesus too. Make your Father proud this year! ^_^
                                                                                                                           - With Much Love and Care
                                                                                                                              Tea. R